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TouchDisplays experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation. We know Display- it's our only business. TouchDisplays founded in 2009 and haven't stopped obsessing over details to exceed the highest quality standards. From materials to products, fully QC test is necessary to ensure product quality.   We Focused on Touch POS systems/Touch All in one/Touch monitor customization, research, and development. TouchDisplays is not just a professional designer but an experienced manufacturer, which is specialized in high-tech electronics, touch sensors, HD display optimization, system application optimization, and scheme design. TouchDisplay is large enough to have global business and scale, small enough to work hand-in-hand to help you accomplish your goal. TouchDisplay's clients are everywhere in different areas. You may have used our product or been helped by a TouchDisplays screen in the supermarket(eg, Groupe Auchan, Carrefour...), industrial equipment(eg, Panasonic...), restaurant, shop, hospital. etc. From idea to delivery, we handle any design that you may need. To make it possible we prepared an over 10000㎡ factory to handle any custom project. TouchDisplays has 16 production lines, including 1 Paint spraying production line for Customized Products. Professional Equipment: Automatic Paint spraying equipment (2 Units). Spraying range 900mm - 3000mm. Accurate to 0.05mm, and support 360-degree spraying mode, no dead angle. The use of the high-precision CNC machine tool makes the product perfect and stylish. More professional equipment is provided for any of your project and different needs.   To make your product perfect, A variety of testing equipment can be used to test the various components of the product. eg: High-low temperature test device, Oscilloscope, AIO optical detector..etc. TouchDisplays also works with CE, FCC, ROHS, and various other international certifications. Our factory complies with ISO9001/ISO14001.   We have never stopped creating beautiful things. You may have used our product or been helped by a TouchDisplays screen in gaming machines, interactive kiosks, hospitality systems, point-of-sale terminals, interactive retail displays.

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